6 Reasons to work with me as a doula

What if there was a way to increase a sense of calm and comfort during birth and maintain greater control over how you decide to birth?

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Conflicting messages about pregnancy, the process of birth and the time afterward pervade throughout the world, making it difficult at times to navigate the abundance of information and variety of options available to mothers during labor and birth. Interventions during birth are currently at an all-time high.

By listening to your preferences and vision for birth and asking questions for clarification, I can help make it easier to sift through and organize your thoughts in preparation for the options and choices you will encounter during birth.


Recent studies on support during birth point to a positive effect on maternal outcome by the presence of continuous support by a doula. Women who had continuous labor support were more likely to view their birth experience and baby more positively (Sauls 2002,). Additionally, they often saw an increase in the amount of time spent with their baby and experienced improved breastfeeding outcomes (Klaus, Klaus & Kennell).

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As a doula I have developed a thorough understanding of the emotional signposts of childbirth. I am attuned to and anticipate your most essential needs during labor and birth, respecting your birth space, facilitating a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, providing warming or cooling counter-pressure and massage, dimming lights, and offering other comfort measures. In the case that additional support is needed or desired, I also have access to a breadth of community resources.


I speak English and German fluently so I am additionally able to facilitate effective communication between you and your clinical providers if needed. Communication is an undeniably crucial element in birth. The better understood you are by caregivers, the more likely you are to feel confident in the process of birth itself and the choices you make. These relationships, too, can affect your overall well-being and reflections on birth - specifically how you feel about the care and support you receive during birth can influence how you feel as a new parent (Hodnett 2002).

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Overall Well-Being

Having a specialist in labor support at your side cannot only be reassuring, but increase comfort as well as decrease fear and tension, and subsequently, pain. Insightful labor tips, relaxation methods and breathing techniques combined with a measured sense of humor can help you find a degree of physical and emotional comfort in an otherwise intensely spiritual and physiological experience.

Partners and labor support persons also experience a greater sense of calmness, ease and confidence because you, the birthing mother, have constant, caring, professional support through your doula and clinical staff at your chosen birth location.


Whether you are experiencing joyful thoughts or deep concerns, you can always count on me to listen wholly and openly, free of judgment or expectations. During pregnancy women frequently find themselves being visited by a myriad of thoughts, some of which may even seem absurd (I assure you, they are not). It is my role to hold a mindful, safe space for you to explore, gather and make sense of these thoughts. I truly believe all thoughts, concerns and worries are relevant. We encounter them and work through them as an integral part of pregnancy and preparation for birth.

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