September 23, 2015

All About Doulas

As your doula, working with you is all about...

Welcoming your baby is an intimate, spiritually-defining moment you will forever recall.


While midwives, obstetricians and nurses are busy with the clinical aspects of birth, I remain by your side throughout labor to help preserve a quiet, intimate atmosphere conducive to a gentle, peaceful birth. Depending in your needs, this may mean minimizing interruptions, dimming lights, playing soft music, or temporarily moving to the periphery of your birth space.

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As a doula I respect your autonomy as a birthing mother and have a deep reverence for your instinctive knowledge and your intuitive sense of self. Free of judgment, I practice compassionate and empathetic listening, providing you with objective information & resources so that you may be empowered in your decisions.


You, your baby and your partner already share an amazing connection to one another. My role as a doula is to help support this connection, giving you the space and resources to build your own supportive birth community and create a confident birth team to accompany you on your birth journey.


It is my goal to help make you and your partner feel informed, prepared and at ease as you navigate your path from pregnancy to parenthood. Caring for your well-being begins antenatally as you and your partner work together to define your birth vision and communicate your wishes with your care provider. During labor I stand beside you, and behind you, providing comfort and gentle assurance as you define your own path to birth.

Empowerment is only ever truly empowerment when we achieve it for ourselves.


The calming, reassuring presence of a birth support expert affords you and your partner with an extra set of ears for those important conversations with your doctor or midwife and for any concerns you may have. I also provide you with an extra set of hands for massage, a cool wash cloth or pressure on your back. Your partner can feel confident going to the bathroom, getting something to eat, or just taking a brief moment for himself, knowing you are well cared for.

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Each member of your birth team plays a unique and irreplaceable role in supporting you in your birth environment. As your doula, I am especially attuned to your physical and emotional needs during labor, and am able to enhance your partner's involvement and bolster your overall confidence. Hospital staff, too, form an integral part of your birth team. I am knowledgeable of birth care practices and socially adept, effortlessly stepping into the role of a liaison, if need be.


In the time leading up to birth, you have had the opportunity to get to know me on a more intimate level. I have had to opportunity to become familiar with your preferences, your worries and your desires and can reliably anticipate your needs as they arise. You can count on my undivided attention to you and your baby each moment along the way.

Which feelings will fill your heart as you think back on that special moment?