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Belly Casting

Your Own Unique Pregnancy Keepsake

Belly Cast Preparation in Munich As the end of your pregnancy draws near and excitement about your baby's arrival takes over, you maybe feeling ready to be done with pregnancy all together. Many women recall their pregnancy, even difficult ones, with a deep sense of fondness and nostalgia. What better way to preserve your body's amazing ability to grow and nourish a baby than a belly cast?

Basic Belly Casting Package

Belly Cast in MunichWe make an appointment for me to come to your home or another location where you are comfortable. I bring all of the materials needed to do the belly cast with me so there is no need to worry about set up and supplies. I ask that you pick a comfortable place in your home, use the bathroom beforehand, have a snack on hand and think about whether you would like just your belly or to include your breasts, a hand, your arms or shoulders. When we are all done, you keep the belly cast and may sculpt, prep and decorate it to your liking.

Total Fee: 45€

Supreme Belly Casting Package

Belly Casting in MunichIn addition to the belly casting itself, I take your belly cast home with me to prep it for decoration. This includes trimming it, smoothing it out using plaster of paris and sanding it down. Afterwards, it is sealed with Gesso. Then it is ready for you to decorate it.

Total Fee: 70€

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