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If science is telling us anything, it’s that the foods we put into our bodies have a significantly greater impact on our health than we’ve ever imagined. The extent of this impact reaches even farther for those preparing to conceive as well as for those nourishing a baby – both inside and outside the womb.

Now, if you are anything like me, you have your automatic healthy go-to meals. BUT… at some point you’ve exhausted them all and find yourself simply stumped to come up something new that will excite your taste buds all while providing the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Despite your continued motivation to eat healthy, when it comes time to fill up that shopping cart, it may at times prove be a bit of a struggle.

This is the very reason why I wanted to share a couple of my favorite blogs on healthy, nutritious cooking and baking. I’ll continue to edit this list as I come across more blogs.

Now, I happen to know these four remarkable women personally and couldn’t be more enthusiastic and impressed by their creative culinary craft!

Asthi H.

asthi and carolyn 150x150 - Local Healthy Recipe Blogs I Recommend - Your Hamburg DoulaMy friend, and German-trained midwife nutritionist, Asthi has recently launched her own blog pregnancy and nutrition blog revealing a whole host of tips and tricks to minimize or eliminate many of those irritating woes accompanying pregnancy and help you to balance the nutritional demands of your growing baby. And if you find yourself in need of more support, you can reach out to Asthi for a personalized virtual consultation without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Check out her blog and website here (also in German and Icelandic): https://pregnancyandnutritionguidance.com/en/blog

Yolanda N.

Yolanda is a brilliant health coach living in Munich. Since we first met, I have been continuously amazed and wowed by her culinary creativity and finesse. Check out some of her blogs for a wide variety of delicious and healthy treats for you and your lil’ one.




Dora M.

dora cv photo 150x150 - Local Healthy Recipe Blogs I Recommend - Your Hamburg DoulaA Massachusetts native, Dora moved to Munich in 2008. Since then, she has obtained a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from TU München and has continued to pursue her passion for healthy eating, sharing recipes and cooking tips along the way.

Dive into countless tasty meal ideas by visiting her blog at:


Maria M.

maria 150x150 - Local Healthy Recipe Blogs I Recommend - Your Hamburg Doulamaddie 150x150 - Local Healthy Recipe Blogs I Recommend - Your Hamburg DoulaMunich area mom and daughter, Maria and six-year-old Maddie, share their fun collection of delicious vegan recipes on Facebook and YouTube. You absolutely have got to check out Maddie’s mad baking skills for yourself!



Please comment and share some of your favorite healthy eating websites! Also, keep your eyes peeled for future posts including a few of my favorite go-to recipes.

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