March 28, 2016



Thank you for your trust and openess in working with me as your doula. Your honest feedback - of all kind - is a most vital and invaluable way of helping me to improve the quality of support and connection I offer families during one of the most special times in life. I know that life with a little one(s) can leave little precious time for much else and, for that reason, I am incredibly thankful for the 7 to 10 minutes of your time it takes for you to send me a few remarks.

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What is your overall feeling of your experience giving birth?*

Was there anything you wished we had talked about in more detail during our pre-birth appointments?*

What did I do that you felt was particularly reassuring or supportive?*

Was there something you wished I had done that I didn't? What was it?*

In what ways, specifically, did you like the support of your doula?*

What was your favorite benefit of having a doula?*

What aspects of postnatal doula support did you find helpful?*

What kind of support did you need that you did not receive?*

Suggestions/ways I can improve the support I provide:*

Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts, feedback and critique with me!

In this next section, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to share your words and thoughts about working with me as a doula so that other families in Hamburg can better know what to expect when they choose to work with me. These questions are optional. Please feel free to pick and choose the ones that speak to you most.

When preparing for birth, most parents are faced with some kind of challenges and/or concerns. In which situation did you find yourself and how did you want me to help you?

Why did you choose to work with me as a doula?

What was your return on your investment in a doula?

What is it that I do as a doula that you found most valuable?

What stands out most about your experience with me?

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