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We wanted to hire a doula as we were moving to Munich towards the end of my pregnancy and were nervous about the thought of tackling a brand new hospital system...in a second language.

When I first spoke with Carolyn we immediately clicked. She is so knowledgable, open & easy to talk to. She helped us navigate the German system, guiding us & also reminding us to stay true to ourselves.

Our birth plan flew out the window when I ended up with an emergency Csection but Carolyn was still there, helping my husband, waiting for us outside theatre & helping us to stay calm. She was there for those first few hours helping us with feeding & answering all our questions but she never imposed. She was just there with the perfect cup of tea, a great response & a huge hug when needed.

Carolyn is an amazing doula, she is there for you & your partner and she helped make us feel prepared, wiser & ready to face any challenges. When we are ready for the next addition to the family, Carolyn will be there again!

Carolyn is passionate about helping women find their OWN voice during pregnancy and birth. As a fellow doula who has worked directly with her I HIGHLY recommend her!

Testimonials - Olga - Your Munich DoulaBeing quite new in Germany and having a medical condition, we were looking for support and help with the birth of our daughter Danae. We were instructed by medical staff that the birth should be at the hospital and preferably without anaesthesia. So we were very happy and relieved when we found Carolyn!

Carolyn is very charming, supportive and entirely uplifting. Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge proved to be extremely helpful and really built our confidence.

The night of the birth she was incredible. She was able to identify more than anybody else what was needed for going through every surge and delivering our baby. Her smile, encouraging words, massage and professional experience helped so much. She made it possible for us to have the birth that we had dreamt about ... and better!

Carolyn has been coming to see us after the birth providing advice on breastfeeding, as well as emotional support.

We could not have been happier with the help of Carolyn throughout our amazing birth experience and we are so glad to have found her. Thank you so much Carolyn!

Testimonials - Shayla - Your Munich DoulaWe found Carolyn early on in our pregnancy with our first baby. Prior to searching for a doula, I had been feeling a lot of anxiety that I wouldn't have the right support during our baby's birth because of communication problems. Although we have lived in Munich for a few years, I knew that during labor I would not be able to express myself well in German. Also, I had an increasing desire to have as much as possible an "undisturbed birth" at our hospital. This can be a challenge for any family since hospitals have their standard practices and policies that may not align with that ideology.

My mom suggested we search for a Doula to help in all these areas. I am so thankful for that advice. Finding and hiring Carolyn as our Doula was a turning point in our pregnancy. Now our birth team was complete and my anxiety reduced with each meeting. She helped facilitate communication between my husband and I about our birth preferences and gave us a lot of helpful information in preparation for birth and early days with our baby.

When my labor slowly started 2 days before my due date, she was a constant support by phone and text. My labor was long and slow and we didn't check into the hospital until the 3rd day. At the hospital, Carolyn created a calm and supportive atmosphere by her encouraging words and actions. She also helped my mom and husband to know what support they could give me. She and my husband were able to keep our birth plan in mind and communicate those wishes to the midwives and doctors when needed.

Our birth team was so efficient and effective that one midwife marveled at us and said she had never seen a group work together like we did. Carolyn became a member of our family that day, helping bring our precious daughter into the world by reassuring me to trust my body and work with it.

I will never forget the day Mazzy was born and because of Carolyn's coordination and support we have beautiful memories of it for our lifetime.

We chose to work with Carolyn as a doula because she valued the same things that we did – a natural birthing process. We really needed and appreciated her help in guiding us through finding this in a foreign country. She pointed us to so many resources that have really helped us -- especially breastfeeding resources! It's not easy to navigate where to get help in Germany. We're really using all the tools she gave us. What stands out most about our experience with Carolyn is her kind and calm demeanor and 24/7 support.

The thought of giving birth for the first time, in a foreign country, far away from relatives and friends was a bit scary. I felt I needed someone to turn to for support and knowledge, who is familiar with the German system and language from a foreigner's point of view and is able help me with any questions I might have. I wanted to feel safe and prepared for giving birth and have someone with experience supporting me and my husband preparing for parenthood.

In Carolyn I saw warm heartedness, a person with a passion for her work as a doula who will listen to your concerns and help you in any way possible.

I felt like in addition to having a doula we also had a supportive friend, which was just what we needed. I could ask her anything and was always met with such generous and helpful advice.

Carolyn was there for ME, as many health care providers are so focused on the baby – helping me remembering my wishes in intense moments of labor and supporting me in my confused moments as a new mother. I could think through my options and make my own decisions which left a feeling of being in control of the situation.

With a doula + husband you have a strong team which is more likely to give you a positive birthing experience. I loved just having someone on our "side" who is tuned to our needs and helps us in all possible ways to prepare for birthing and transform into a family.

Carolyn’s support exceeded my expectations.

We found ourselves new to Germany and its medical and prenatal care system and decided we needed some additional support. Having someone with us who had been through births in Germany before helped me to feel comfortable that there would be no surprises we couldn't handle together. Also, I liked having someone to remind me of the good breathing and how to make "productive" noises. It was also good for me to know that Andy was supported and all the pressure wasn't on him alone.

The best thing about having a doula was continuity of support before, during and after the birth. Because of the system in Germany, you see so many health professionals and they often don't link up that well. Having Carolyn there at all the key points was invaluable.

We were initially interested in working with Carolyn because of her bilingual abilities and experience in both the US and Germany. After we met, it was because of the great feeling she gave me and her reassuring vibe.

Carolyn was present in the birth and able to remind us about all the things and plans we had discussed prior. Without her there, it's possible we could have forgotten all that and ended up with a very different outcome!

Her calm and non-judgmental nature as well as her fantastic ability to quietly encourage without being an over the top cheerleader type stood out most about our experience working with her.

It was the best money we have spent, absolutely invaluable for peace of mind, confidence and support.

Testimonials - Emma - Your Munich DoulaI had never planned on giving birth abroad away from family and friends, let alone in a country where I didn't know the language fluently enough to feel confident in a medical environment. Meeting Carolyn, it felt like we had already known her for a long time and I knew that I wanted her support at such an important time.

Her knowledge and calmness, and kindness at a time that could be a difficult and stressful one was invaluable. It honestly felt like we had a friend with us to support us throughout our pregnancy and labour.

I am so glad Carolyn was there. I didn't panic when things went slightly wrong after I had given birth (although the baby was thankfully fine) because Carolyn was with me and her support was incredible. I couldn't recommend her enough.

The best benefit of having a doula was knowing that I didn't have to worry about any language barrier on top of all the amazing labour and pregnancy support.

Maria - Your Hamburg DoulaI didn’t even know what a doula was when I contacted Carolyn. I was just looking for a midwife and I found her website. I wrote her an email, and from her first answer, I knew she could help me a lot to go through this new experience that seemed so scary at the beginning.

The birth of my first daughter has been a wonderful experience. I felt like I was as prepared as I could have been for the birth of my baby. And I definitely think that the reason the birth of my daughter was so special is directly related to our pre-birth appointments with Carolyn and her presence there that day.

We wanted to feel safe during the birth, we wanted to be supported, we wanted to live it as a joyful moment and not a scary one, and Carolyn helped us – giving us not only all the information and the material we needed, but also and mostly sharing with us her experience, being always supportive, kind and naturally letting us understand how magical that moment could be if we wanted it to be.

She gave us strength. She made us feel not only like birth was something we could do, but also something that we could enjoy!

Carolyn was one of the best investments we have ever made. There is no price for having such a great experience with the birth of your baby. She is a lovely and inspiring person. She taught me that, in any situation, even the most painful one, there is a place inside me I can go to relax and find myself.

Valerie and Cam - Your Hamburg Doula

As an expat and single mom, I wanted somebody who had birth experience to be present during labor to help me through the process. I was looking for somebody who spoke English and Carolyn was recommended by the midwife with whom I took the birth preparation classes.  

I felt very comfortable with Carolyn immediately and although she pushed me toward more introspection than I usually indulge in, I felt it was both meaningful and necessary.

My goal for birth was a healthy baby and a healthy me – anything else was a bonus. I was far from sure I would be able to have a vaginal birth and I would have more likely insisted on a C-section had I been on my own.

Carolyn helped me through my long labor. She was there the whole time, keeping me focused on my goals.

The whole process took about 26 hours and her presence, calm and professionalism did not falter. I felt that I was cared for without being smothered or infantilized.  

Overall I think Carolyn’s presence allowed me to focus on me and not feel 'lost' as it is so often the case in hospital stays.

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